You be the judge! This video looks awful, the lyrics are awful, basically everything is so awful that we had to share this with you guys! Another singer that mentions a woman`s “ideal” weight after Honey Singh`s lakk 28, 47 weight. Is 47kg a magical number? The girl in the video does not even look like a 47 kg girl. She seems to be in good health and not anorexic!

Danish Alfaaz is from near Delhi, his singing was recognized during his college days.

Watch Danish Alfaaz Song –


Some of his cover songs are better than this song. So what do you think about this song ? If you know any song better than this then do comment and tell us. Sharing a good soothing song is never a bad idea. And tell us about your favorite singer and what are the songs you like the most. Have a nice time . Smile

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